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Hi I'm LydiaHi!

I’m so glad that you found my website! You can learn about me on this page, but I wanted to share with you about what DAC Balance is, what we offer and what your next step should be!

DAC Balance, which stands for Debits and Credits Balance (I know, it’s corny and I love it), is a company that helps you with your business, particularly your numbers.

We offer a FREE podcast where I share all about what I’m learning in an MBA program. (Search for Lydia Miller on iTunes and there you’ll find the DAC Podcast).

We offer consulting services where we work on solving one or two problems that you are having in your business right now and how we can overcome those problem.

We offer bookkeeping services to busy business owners who need some help with the details, but want to know how to improve their business.

In a nutshell, we love business and want to be apart of yours!

Your next step is to check out our About Lydia page, and then to send me an email ( if you are interested in consulting, bookkeeping or just want to say hello. I read every email and cannot wait to hear from you!