Chart of Accounts Customization

What is your Chart of Accounts and why do you need it customized in your business?

Most business owners don’t know what this is. Simply put, the Chart of Accounts is how you get information on your profit and loss and balance sheet.

If you stick with the accounts that are automatically put into your QuickBooks file, you are stuck with generic information!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you ran your reports and saw familiar terms? The names of the services you provide and the names of the services you pay for? You can grasp what is going on faster and the connection between what you’re doing and how it affects your profitability is clear?

I have a solution for you!

Great financial information all starts with an amazing customized Chart of Accounts.

Most business owners are afraid to even touch or change anything in QuickBooks. I don’t blame you! It’s easy to mess up. However, I can go in, create new accounts and give you a roadmap of what to do each month to ensure everything is up to date and that you are finishing your bookkeeping timely.

It all starts with your Chart of Accounts.

Your Customized Chart of Accounts includes….

A call with me to get to know your business and what you do.
A preview of your COA before it goes into QuickBooks.
Your customized Chart of Accounts created in QuickBooks Online.
A cheat sheet of what is supposed to go into each account.
A set of new customized reports to show your profitability around each service offering.
A training lesson on what was created, how to code transactions and ways I’ve found you can simplify your processes.

You’ll walk away with an action plan on how to code your transactions each month and you will know more on how it all works together.

Don’t wait to get on my calendar! I have availability through the end of October 2019.

You can click HERE to schedule your customized Chart of Accounts.