34 – BONUS – How a Bookkeeping Strategy Session Can Help Your Business

This episode is brought to you by my bookkeeping strategy sessions. I’ll be diving into what they are in this episode and I want to share with you the why behind my decision to offer these. You can book a 45 minute strategy session with me by going to lydiagmiller.com/work with me.


Episode 34


In the introduction, I told you that this episode is brought to you by my bookkeeping strategy sessions. You may be new to business and have never heard of a strategy session or never participated in one before. I am going to explain what they are and why they are helpful in any part of your business.

We all have parts of our business that we need help with. All of us. And sometimes, googling and searching for answers online isn’t going to give us the results we need and we often need faster results. Google is smart, but having a real person listen and respond can’t be beat. Experts in their fields often will offer their time to walk through a problem with someone, give them suggestions on what to do and then feel no obligation toward helping the business owner decide what to do.

My favorite podcast episodes are often those that are these strategy sessions shared for all of us to listen to. While I’ve never heard someone be coached who has the exact same business as me on a show before, I have received tons of good ideas from people who have completely different businesses but the same problems deep down.

Strategy sessions will help if you are in one of theses places:

1.       You aren’t monetizing your business. You think you have a great idea, but no one is giving you money for it.

2.       You don’t know what you don’t know about a topic and want fast expert advice. This is especially true if you need to implement something quickly and don’t want tons of fluff.

3.       You feel stuck and need someone to walk you through to the other side. This could be a mindset issue or deep down you may need to hear permission from someone to stop doing something you hate and start doing something you love. I’ve needed that before.

4.       You are in the weeds of your business and need someone with an outside view to point out the obvious. Enough said.

5.       Your systems aren’t working. Everyday you go into work overwhelmed and nothing is streamlined. There has to be a better way.

Those are just some general ideas of why and when it would be a good idea to book a strategy session.

Here is specifically what I can help with during a call.

1.       You aren’t making money. You need ideas on how to create new revenue streams.

2.       You don’t know anything about bookkeeping besides that you are overwhelmed and need some help understanding what you should be doing.

3.       You started using QuickBooks but found it to be confusing and overwhelming. You’re afraid to press any buttons in the system and have no idea where your information is.

4.       Your QuickBooks is a mess and you don’t know how to fix it. This is so common, I can’t even tell you how normal you are. But we don’t want to be normal. We want to be amazing.

5.       Your bookkeeping system is complicated and not giving you the answers you need and not a complete picture of your business.

If that is you, let me encourage you to consider booking a bookkeeping strategy session with me. I love fusing my accounting degree, practical experience as a business owner and my MBA together for service-based solopreneurs just like you and giving you options on how to solve your problem. You don’t have to feel obligated to take any of my suggestions when we’re done talking. I am here to throw out ideas and plans and it’s your job to take what you think is best and implement them.

You can schedule your call by going to lydiagmiller.com/workwithme. I’d be honored to help you lose the overwhelm when it comes to bookkeeping. It just doesn’t have to be that difficult.

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