33 – BONUS – Why You Need Systems As A Service-Based Solopreneur

Why you need systems as a service-based solopreneur

33 - Monday

              Are you systems minded? Does your brain naturally think ‘there has to be a better way’ or ‘how can I organize this better?’ I can tell you that unfortunately my brain does not naturally think that way. I’ve had to train it over the years to be organized in thought and in what I am doing.

              As a service-based solopreneur, we often feel like we’re drowning with how much we could and should be doing and truthfully a lot of it will help our businesses grow and thrive. Email marketing, social media marketing, blog posts, YouTube videos, strategy, bookkeeping, administrative work, client retention. Not to mention client work.

              Waking up every day feeling like we’re winging it can be exhausting and not profitable. And often, things fall through the cracks if we’re not careful. Important things like deadlines or promises made. Opportunities are missed because we are not managing our time or our actions well.

              Thankfully, you can learn systems. You can implement systems. And you can decide enough is enough and that you want to start streamlining and taking action on tasks that are important for your business.

              Systems can save you from a lot of headaches and can really give you the peace of mind as you follow a plan that you know everything is getting done. I hear so often from consulting clients that they just don’t know what they don’t know and need a list of things to make sure are happening well.

              Systems don’t have to be fancy. What I mean by systems is a list of things that need to happen in a certain order to complete a task. There are four parts to any new system of your business. Creation, customization, maintenance and review. Let’s use email marketing as an example. Creation and customization are things like setting up the tech side, creating a lead magnet, customizing it to your business brand. System maintenance is different than setting up and customizing an email list and is the long-term part of systems. Once your email list is setup with a lead magnet and all the tech side is customized, your maintenance is how often you email. What your templates look like. How you respond week after week and email your list consistently. You want to make it easy to maintain and a no brainer on what you’re supposed to be doing. Review is asking yourself is this working? How can I make it better? And then the cycle starts again.

On a more tactical side, you can keep the lists of tasks in a project management tool like Asana which I what I do. I also am a paper person and I like to write things down in my simplified planner to have a physical reminder of what I’m supposed to be doing each day.

              Having systems set up can truly make your life simpler as a solopreneur. I want to invite you to join me on a 15 minute call if you are looking for a bookkeeping system. I have several ways that I can help you create and customize a bookkeeping system so that you can easily main it that I’ll be talking about in the next three podcast episodes and in four episodes I’ll tell you how I’ve fast-tracked success in my business with systems. In the meantime, join me on Instagram @lydia.miller.mba to connect. I’d love to meet you there.

Don’t forget, if you’re struggling with your bookkeeping system, I can point you in the right direction on action to take in a free discovery call. I have several ways that I help service-based solopreneurs and I’d love to support you. You can book a free 15 minute call with me at lydiagmiller.com/workwithme.

I’ll talk to you soon.



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