Season 1 Episode 1-SMART Goals, Core Strategy, Mission Statement, Selling

Season 1-Marketing Episode 1


Welcome to my first official episode! If you are listening on launch day, I am really excited that you are here!

This is the second course I took for my master’s degree. The first was statistics and I’m not ready to think about that yet!

The title of the class is Marketing Strategy. Why do we even need a strategy? Here are some of the foundational items.


Creating a SMART goal.

·       Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Results-Oriented. Time Specific.

·       Doing this, you’ll know what you have to do next and when you’ve achieved success.

·       A goal has to have all parts to work.


Core Strategies in Business.

·       Is your goal to stay in business or to be the best in your industry? Are you trying not to go out of business, or are you trying to innovate and create new products?

·       Nothing is better than the other, but know who you are and what you want for your business.

·       Knowing that strategy helps you in your business. This helps you keep a focus on your business.


Mission Statement.

·       Your mission statement should revolve around your clients, not around what you want out of life and your business.

·       Your mission statement shouldn’t even be about the product.

·       Nail down your mission statement in the first year of your business, and run all new opportunities through that framework.

·       SHARE your mission statement. This helps to create a connection with your customer.


Remember, no one buys from you because they’re sympathetic towards you.

·       Even if you’re running a non-profit, you still have to solve a problem for someone.

·       When you’re selling the product, don’t focus on the product, focus on the problem.

·       Think about the customers that don’t need your product and find another way to serve them.

·       Sell the benefits, not the services.

·       Find out what the customer really wants. Maybe they want to remember the emotions of a day, remind them that pictures are a way to get there.



·       Look at your website, change the language to reflect the benefits, not the products.

·       Look at all of your communication with your customers and help them realize the benefits.

·       Create a SMART goal for your business.

·       SHARE your mission statement! Tag me on social media @dac_balance_llc

·       Create a word document of phrases that you use with your customers. Create consistency with your message this way.


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