Season 1 Episode 2-Marketing Concept & Mix

Season 1- Marketing Episode 2

Welcome back! I am so glad that you are here today.

Recap of the last episode.

Remember, when you’re creating a goal for your business, keep the customer in mind.

Now, flip the goal around. Instead or wanting to create 20% more revenue for your company.

Find a way to create 20% more value for your customer this year.

Think through the experience your customer has with your business.

What can you do that won’t even cost more money, but provides more value to them.

Show me the results from last week! Send me an email at lydia@dacbalance.com


Marketing Concept.

Market Orientation. Product Orientation. Societal Orientation. Sales Orientation.

Market orientation-fully focused on your customer.

Product Orientation-fully focused on what you’re selling.

Societal Orientation-focused on a mission.

Sales Orientation-sales at any cost.

Think about your business and how your business revolves around these concepts.


Marketing Mix.

People. Products. Promotion. Place. Price. All of these will influence your company. If you haven’t started your business yet, think about these 5 areas and how you can create a great experience for your customer.

You’re trying to market to a smaller group of people who are your target clients. Use the Marketing Mix to find them.


Assignment this week-Take the 5 P’s of marketing. Evaluate your own business and see who or what they are and what you can do to better serve them?


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