March Business Tasks

March is here! I think January dragged on forever and now February is over before I could even blink.

I am excited to start this new series on the blog that will release once a month on either the 1st or the 2nd all about tasks that you and I should be doing/have finished for that month.

I am learning about small business just like all of you and I hope that through this we can share ideas in the comments and find ways to support each other!

So, here are my 10 things that most business owners should do this month.

  1. Gather all tax documents. This one should be a no brainer, but don’t wait until April 1 to do this!
  2. March 15 is the deadline for S-Corp and Partnership tax returns. If you have a business set up like this and you haven’t contacted your CPA or EA yet, do this immediately!
  3. Read something new. Last year I read almost 30 books and was so proud of that accomplishment. This year, not so much because of school. My goal in March is to read 2 new business books.
  4. Have a CEO date. Look at your business and see what’s working and what’s not. I heard this term from BizChix podcast. I love the idea and will be implementing this in March!
  5. Updating your e-mail signatures. I recently got a new email (Lydia@dacbalance.com) and I need to do this simple task. How hard could it be?
  6. Reconcile your books up to February. Run a profit and loss and see how 2018 has been going so far!
  7. Writing clients thank you notes. A simple task, but kindness goes a long way.
  8. Update your resources list. I created a list of all resources that I had purchased and was surprised how much I had available for me to use. I update this once a month and see what else I can be using better.
  9. Logo and Branding. This month, I am hoping to find a talented college student to help me create a new simple logo and help me with some branding ideas. I am planning on started at the college I am getting my MBA at. What college student wouldn’t want some experience and cash?
  10. Make a marketing plan. Are you releasing a new product soon? Are you wanting to grow your social media presence? Write it out and make a plan of what you’ll do the next 31 days to make it happen.


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