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Tax Appointment 101

Well, it is the last day of February and that means that you have a little over a month before your taxes have to be filed! Have you booked your tax appointment yet? You may  be anxious about what to expect if you’ve never had a preparer handle your taxes before, and you might be wondering what your CPA/EA expects of you at that appointment.

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I chatted with a few ladies who are CPA’s or EA’s and they told me what they expect when clients come to their meeting. These ladies are fantastic and will send their clients a list to you ahead of time of what they need. If your CPA/EA doesn’t here are a few things to be aware of:

“I ask them to bring a copy of last year’s tax return, along with a list that I email them prior to the appointment of common forms I may need.” Tiffany Merryfield, EA.

“For yourself  (and spouse), you would need to provide your legal full name, SSN, date of birth and a valid driver’s license or state/federal issued identification. If claiming dependents, their full name, SSN and date of birth is required . I also like to see a copy of the prior year tax return for extra measure” Adebimpe Ogunnaike, CPA, MBT. Bileni Tax Consulting.

“If you are switching preparers, please try to provide your new preparer with a copy of that last years, if not two years, worth of returns. This will allow your new preparer to see what was previously done of your return, as well as see if there are any rollover items that may be used in the current year.” Ciera Haynes, Haynes Financials

Here are a few things that are not paperwork related that most preparers would ask you to leave home.

” From one parent to another, if you can find a sitter, please try to arrange someone to watch your children for a few hours while you meet with your preparer. While most tax professionals do not mind if you bring your children, it’s easier to get through an in-person meeting if you don’t have to worry if they are behaving or are entertained. You also don’t want a preparer rushing through your return in order to get you out of the office quicker if your children are misbehaving.” Ciera Haynes, Haynes Financials

“Do not do not come into the office, or handle your tax documents, while you are sick. With the flu being so bad this year, your tax preparer will understand if you need to reschedule due to illness. You may also even be able to upload your documents to them, if they offer this service.” Ciera Haynes, Haynes Financials

Thank you, Tiffany, Abedimpe and Ciera for contributing to this blog post! You can click on their names and be taken to their websites to lean more about their firms and their advice as you navigate small business.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, I’ll be sharing Ciera’s full list of all the things that she requests from her clients before they come to a tax meeting. If you don’t already have a list of what to gather for taxes, this one will be a huge help!

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