Working From Home, No. 10.

Tip No. 10

This is our last day in the series Lessons I’ve Learned Working from Home!

Today’s tip or probably the most practical of them all. Check your home owners insurance or renters insurance. Most of the time, if you are running a business from home, you need separate insurance to cover those items in your home that are purchased for business. This is if you work for a company or if you work for yourself. You’d think that because it is in your home that you would be able to have it all under one policy, but that is not the case. Every insurance company is different, so I would contact your insurance provider and make sure that your business is covered.

If you have to purchase separate insurance, this is a tax deductible item and something that is necessary for your business!

If you realize that you need more coverage ASAP, I would check with an insurance broker to find the best deal with the best coverage for your needs. You can find some great brokers as part of Dave Ramsey’s ELP service. I’ve used them before and they are great!

Super short post today, but something that we don’t always think about when we are running a business!

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