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Working From Home, No. 6.

Tip No. 6

Happy Monday everyone!

I am finding that the more I do on Sunday’s to prepare for the week the better it goes.

One of the delusions I had before I opened my business and started working from home was that somehow all of the chores would be done since I was at home all day.

Maybe you work from home and are able to get it all done. Work an 8 hour day, meal plan, clean, take care of your family, have a hobby, go to school etc. but this girl realized doing all of that was near impossible!

Tip no. 6 is this series is to schedule the chores and the fun things.

This isn’t to make you feel guilty if you’re not doing this, but it’s just to remind you that things don’t happen on accident. I’m never ever ever going to accidentally clean the house. But, scheduling it into my week gives me about a 15% better chance of it happening.

Also, schedule the fun things! This is for you if you tend toward being a workaholic or someone who focuses so much on work that the weeks and months go by and  you realize you haven’t made any memories other than being at your desk and the mundane everyday life. Schedule something fun this week!

That’s all I have for you today! This series will run through Friday of this week. I hope you’re enjoying it!

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