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Working From Home, No. 5.

Tip No. 5

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If you are reading theses posts as they release, Happy Friday!

This post is practical in the sense that it’s something you can do today before the work day begins!

Tip number 5 is to pack your lunch and leave it in the fridge at your house.

When I started working from home I had delusions of grandeur when it came to cooking lunch every single day. I thought that I would somehow become the best homemaker in the world and run an extremely successful business all at the same time effortlessly. Wrong. So wrong. I found that the more I treat my work days like a traditional workday, the better it functions.

What I do for lunch is not necessarily pack a lunch in a lunchbox, although if you do that then more power to you, but it’s more that I plan ahead what I’m eating and have it easily accessible when I’m ready to take a break. The days that I don’t know what I want, open up the fridge, not like anything in there and decide I’ll run to Publix ‘really quick’ ends up with me at Publix for an hour buying all the groceries for the week and still not picking up something for lunch. On the days that I have it ready to go and something that I know I’ll want for lunch I find to be more productive days!

A lot of the posts that I have in this series go back to this: have a plan. Eating lunch is no exception. 🙂

I do like to keep some almonds at my desk if I get hungry during the day and these Salt ‘n Vinegar almonds are my favorite! I can’t ever find them in stores locally so I have to order them from Amazon. I have also been eyeing these glass containers on amazon. They would be perfect to use to pack lunches on Sunday night.

Do you find that packing your lunches makes for a more productive day? Or have you found a way to be the best homemaker and business woman? We need to talk if you’ve figured that one out! Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for following along! I’ll be back next week

with 5 more lessons that I’ve learned working from home and for myself this last year.


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