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Working From Home, No. 2.

Tip No. 2

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Welcome back! I am excited to bring you my second tip in this 10 part series of lessons I’ve learned working from home.

My second tip is this: keep a consistent schedule. Whether it’s 5am-9am or 7pm-12am, there needs to be time carved out every workday to work on the business when you know you won’t have interruptions or people calling you every 5 minutes.

This tip may seem strange since people typically think of self-employment as flexible schedules and free time. While this may be true, it doesn’t work like that in the long run.

This all goes to back to treating your business like a business and not a hobby. A hobby doesn’t have set hours that you work at, a business does. Even if your consistent schedule is deciding how many hours you’re going to work that week and getting the hours in, that’s still consistency!

My schedule got more consistent when I started working on my MBA. I am going to class 5 days a week. While this isn’t always convenient to work around, my work schedule has become more consistent and productive since I know I have a limited time to get everything done. What I’ll do when I graduate, I don’t know. Maybe go for a second master’s degree? 😉

To keep up with my schedule and tasks, I use the Simplified Planner . I’ve always loved using a planner, but this one is my favorite for sure! You can check out my blog post on why I’m using 2 planners this year to learn more!

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What does your schedule look like during the week? Are you able to keep a consistent schedule? Let me know in the comments below!! -Lydia

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