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Working From Home, No. 1.

Tip No. 1

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Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited about this new 10 part series about working from home and the things I’ve learned over the past year doing just this. I started DAC Balance in March of 2016 and in October 2016 I took the leap and started working on this full time. It was terrifying to begin with, but soon after I found it to be the best career move that I’ve ever made.

One of the things that happened soon after I quit my job was that my husband and I looked at, purchased a house and moved all in less than 45 days. This was the first house that we ever purchased and I had no idea how much went into the process with the bank. I spent a lot of time that first month full time working on getting all of the paperwork signed and ready to go so that we could move ASAP.

This took up a lot of time and soon I started to feel behind. Behind on goals, work, clients everything. I realized that even though working for myself and from home is a dream, it’s still a job and I had to treat it that way.

My first tip for you is this, set office hours. I hadn’t thought about this when I started because I assumed I would just always be working, but the truth is, working from home means that you see ALL of the dirty dishes, piles of laundry, dust on the tables, and all of the things that are really fast to just take care of, but things that aren’t ‘work.’ It also means that your couch is in the next room and no one is there to see you nap. Not that I’ve ever done that before.

I am blessed to have my office in our spare bedroom and I can close the door and not see the rest of the house. But, I was still finding it sometimes hard to focus on work when I knew that outside the office door was a mess!

I started doing this: writing my office hours on a sticky note and putting it on the outside door of the office.

2018-01-27 11.18.13

It’s simple, but it helps me and anyone else in my house see what the boundary is for work time and home time. I’m not perfect at it, but the days that I stick to the office hours, I feel so much more accomplished and not guilty for ignoring the house during those hours.

How do you keep the time boundary for work and home life? Let me know in the comments!

And! If time boundaries are a struggle, let me suggest the book Boundaries. I am apart of the Ramsey Book Club and this is our January read! It’s a great one to start the year with if you are starting to work from home.

Looking forward to hearing from you! -Lydia

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