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Sell the Benefits

Running a small business long enough will teach you this- no one buys because they are sympathetic. Maybe in some cases you make a few sales because of this, but overall you can’t sustain a business because people are just being nice. Customers want to buy things that meet their needs.

This seems really really obvious, but what does that mean for your small business? Sell the benefits. Find out what your customers want out of a product, service or experience and help them attain it.

Does your shop sell planners? Don’t sell the planner, sell the benefit of being organized, having a fresh start and finally feeling on top of what ‘s going on in life. Do you sell furniture? Don’t sell furniture, sell what the customer will feel like when you walk in and see a beautiful room after a long day. Do you sell bookkeeping services? Don’t sell the service, sell the feeling of relief knowing that you’re ready for taxes and that you can make informed decisions based on the information given.

Remember, we do business for our customers. Find out what our customers want and help them attain it. Then you’ll make a sale. Then you’ll make a profit. Then your business will survive for the long run.


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