Mission in Business

In yesterday’s blog post we talked about SMART goals and creating goals that help our business. A question that you have to ask yourself is this-Why am I accomplishing these goals? Is it to build a business? Create more flexibility in your life? Generate an income to replace your 9-5? Maybe it’s all of those and more!

The mission statement of your business will give you a standard to put your goals against. If your goals don’t accomplish your mission, no matter how SMART they are, they aren’t worth doing.

The mission of DAC Balance is ‘To help our clients understand their financial numbers and make better decisions based on that information.’ All decisions for the business is run through this statement.

Do you have a mission statement set in stone? If not, here is the main thing to keep in mind when you’re thinking through this. (BTW, this isn’t an overnight process. It may take you weeks to determine the right wording or the direction you want to take your business. Take your time! Make it excellent.)

Ready? Here it is. Your mission should revolve around what you do for your customer. It’s not about the product you’re offering no matter how much you love it.  It’s about the person using the product or service and what they need.

What you offer to your customers may change, but what you do for them should not change. If a music company only offered records and never offered cassettes, cd’s or streaming music, they would be obsolete by now! At some point they had to step back and decide if they were a record company or a company that is passionate about getting music to people the best way possible. Having a mission that reflects that passion makes changing the format a no brainer. Not having a mission makes change harder, especially when you’re not sure the direction the business should go.

What’s your mission statement? I’d love for you to leave a comment and tell me!



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