It is time to re-key your lock box.

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Locks have come a long way! From skeleton keys on a wooden chest to the combination safe in a bank vault, security of our finances and data has changed over the years and continues to develop. Today’s lock box is a Login on the internet and our key of choice is a Password.


As a small business owner, you already know how important it is to protect your cash, investments, documents, and data in this growing cloud-based environment. Cybercriminals are looking for an easy way in. Don’t give it to them!


Strong, long and unique passwords go a long way to protecting your business and that of your clients. We are told PWs should be 8+ characters and include letters, numbers, symbols, and caps. (IRS Notice 2017-92). The trouble is remembering these complex passwords yourself. Here is the solution: Try making a sentence that you can easily remember and then use the first letter of each word for your PW. For example:

·       “The number of rings I have is 3.” PW: T#orIhi3.

·       “Hello! Welcome to my office in Cantonment, FL” PW: H!W2moiCF


Armed with a safer, more complex Password that you can easily remember, your information may be passed over by thieves who are breaking into your neighbors account (because he is still using his DOB as a PW). Don’t delay another minute! It is time to Re-Key your lock box. Update your Passwords today!

P.S. If you are not keeping your physical documents secure, consider taking care of that today! Here are a few lock-box options:

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